Felicia Fenton – Gerald and the Grump – March 2019

I can’t thank Jayne enough for helping me bring my book to publication. Thrilled with the quality of the end result. After many years doing architectural drawings, once my children were born I dabbled in freelance art work (often illustrating for aspiring authors) and writing. My children were born 40 years ago – and even remember ‘Gerald’ when they were little!

Now I am retired I thought it time to concentrate on actually getting published. My initial research was depressing – children’s books so competitive – almost impossible to break in unless you are a celebrity. Some publishers inviting new authors wanted vast sums of money up front. Then I remembered Molly from Barny Books who sent a kind letter to an author I was illustrating for 19 years ago!

I found Barny Books again, and Jayne, and since then it has been a dream come true. I knew nothing about setting up for printing or the publication process so it has been a steep learning curve. I think I must have driven Jayne to distraction at times but she has always been so patient and professional. The whole experience has been a joy. The costs are so reasonable too – especially with the time Jayne takes over attention to detail and excellent advice.

My quirky imagination has been unleashed so more titles on the way. Never too late to make a dream come true (as long as your blood pressure can take it!)

Mary Cole, From Bristol to Burma: Harry a life remembered – Nov 2018

Having never written a book previously, I was extremely grateful for the support I received in compiling and getting my book to publication. Jayne provides an excellent, individualised service with helpful advice along the way. Thank you.

Anthony G Nutkins – A Letter from France – July 2018

Having written a number of poems and stories of World War 1 over a number of years, I was encouraged by friends and family to have the work published. Knowing nothing of the process of having a book published, it was one of those projects which remained on the “to do” list for some time.

A member of a group to which I belong and which studies the First World War, had a book published by Barny Books and I was impressed with the way in which they produced it.  This encouraged me to approach Jayne Thompson of Barny Books with a view to seeing if my work was suitable for publishing.

Initial contact with Jayne was positive and very helpful. After some discussion regarding the style of the book and editing my manuscript, we agreed changes and other details over a series of e-mail exchanges and telephone conversations. I was guided through the process of layout, content order, introduction and acknowledgement sections, items that I had not considered before, the inclusion of photographs, printing options and all that was needed to produce a “proper” book. The cover design, which Jayne created from photographs supplied, is excellent.

It was certainly a learning experience for me but Jayne guided me through with a very helpful attitude and understanding of what I was hoping to achieve. For any novice considering having their first book published I would suggest that they contact Jayne at Barny Books. From my experience, you will not be disappointed.

Tony Nutkins

July 2018

John C Allen – The Life &Times of a ‘Tankie’ from Lincolnshire in the Great War – April 2017

I am pleased to report on the helpful & professional advice I have received from Barny Books on the publishing of ‘The Life & Times of a ‘Tankie’ from Lincolnshire in the Great War’.

Since this was my first ‘adventure’ into writing & publishing a book, with all the technicalities of producing the ‘hard copy’, the support of Jayne & her team were second to none.

I would not hesitate in utilising the services of Barny Books in the future.

Su Hume – The Big Red Rowing Book – August 2016

I had a project a few months ago to write and illustrate a childrens book but needed guidance to bring it to reality.  I found Barny Books who were very friendly and easy to work with, quick and extremely efficient. The most important aspect of the process for me, was that I was not persuaded in any way to change my ideas of how I wanted the book to be.  I was gently quided through the process and am delighted with the result.

It was an exciting and encouraging experience and has certainly left me with the idea of writing another story.

Mrs L Nixon of St Peter’s Catholic First School, Bromsgrove – Mini Sagas   July 2013

Good to have worked with you – parents and staff were happy with end product. If we do it again at least I will be a little more “in the know”.

Thanks for all your help.

Marion Lawson – addressing anorexia and Treating Myself   December 2012

As a complete novice to the writing and publishing industry, I was so grateful to find in Jayne Thompson of Barny Books an enthusiastic and efficient publisher. Jayne was always sympathetic to my concerns. No change of plan or minor alteration was too much trouble.
I also appreciated her own suggestions and her eye for detail.
Through Jayne Thompson, Barny Books offers a rare combination of professional expertise and friendly dealing.

Jan Beattie  The Bare Bones of Hope June 2011

Having never had any of my work published before, I was delighted to
receive enthusiasm and guidance from Barny Books for my short, unusual
fable, “The Bare Bones of Hope”.

The whole procedure of getting something into print was a steep learning
curve for me!  I will know next time to work meticulously on the wording
and editing before submitting it for publication so as to obviate
requests for last minute changes.   Changes, I have to say, Jayne
Thompson, Business Manager, attended to speedily and with good grace!

The illustrations accompanying the fable are of a high standard, thanks
again to the choice of printer made by Barny Books, making for a
delightful, if quirky, little book.

Testimonials from some students of William Farr School – April 2011  Frank Whittle The Dawn of the Jet Age

Alexandra Burkitt: “Looking back over the time we have been involved in the project, it has been a hugely valuable experience. Not only do we see our names in print but we have also learnt new skills that we can now put into practice for other things.”

Georgina Connolly: “It was great to come together as a team and everyone got on brilliantly! We have all really enjoyed the experience.”

Lewis Margetts: “It has been a rewarding experience. Highlights include trips to Cranwell and I am looking forward to getting the finished book.”

Laura Maple: “It has taught us a number of skills, including working with people we wouldn’t normally work with and organising larger projects than the usual ones that children of our age would have the opportunity to do.”

Lis Berreen – January 2011    All Creatures Small and Smaller

I first discovered Barny Books around 20 years ago when I started to write children’s poetry and was looking for a publisher. Molly Burkett read my early efforts and gave me constructive and helpful advice that I took on board.  At that time I was busy with a young family and poetry for children was not popular with publishers so I put the idea on hold.

Some time later, I put together a small booklet of poems with black and white illustrations by a local artist under the title “Pets Aloud” which was desk-top published with the help of friends. We sold over a thousand copies in aid of charity and people started to ask me into schools to read to children.  In 2003 a new edition of Pets Aloud was published by a small company and over 1000 copies were sold for my church restoration fund.

By now, poetry was an important part of the school curriculum and I started to get more and more requests to go into schools and was asked to do poetry workshops with children as well as readings. I started to write more poems for children and realised the time had come to produce another book.

Once again I phoned Molly Burkett who surprisingly remembered me. She invited me to meet her and Jayne Thompson, Barny Books Business Manager to discuss my work. I was immediately put at ease in Jayne’s house and the meeting was friendly and enjoyable. I was introduced to another budding author who had been seen before me and then over tea and biscuits Molly read my poems through and asked me to read some aloud as well. My poems are designed to be read aloud by parents and children so this is important. Molly and Jayne were very encouraging but business-like too. They felt I had something to offer and would be in touch when they had had a thorough look at the poems

Very soon I received an email saying which poems they felt would make a saleable book for children aged up to 12 years old. They chose a selection of my original poems and the illustrations and all my new poems. They also offered the services of Roger McKay to create an illustration for the cover and some additional line drawings. They advised me about costs, ways of getting funding and how to launch the book when it came out.

After a little time to think I applied to the Arts Council for funding but was unsuccessful. I did however get help from a local charitable trust and my District Council who also gave me opportunities to perform my poems in their annual Street Theatre. Once the funding was secured I gave Jayne the go-ahead and very quickly the book started to take shape. Molly did some minor editing and Jayne found me competitive rates for printing. As the book was laid out, she sent it to me page by page on line. At every stage I was in control of the process and could make any changes I wanted to make. If Jayne felt something was not right she would tell me politely but firmly and she was usually right. The total cost including editing, proof-reading, contract, illustrations, type-setting and printing worked out at less than £1.50 per copy and I received 1000 copies that retail at £5.99 each.

In November 2010 my new book “All Creatures Small and Smaller” was launched with the help of my council with a stunning cover by Roger and a lay-out which showed all my poems to advantage. All this has taken under a year from start to finish despite many personal set-backs along the way. The help I have received from Barny Books has been professional and exceptional. I can thoroughly recommend Barny Books to any aspiring author who really wants to make it happen. Your work will be well-produced and will be publicised on their website, Amazon and other websites. They will find the most competitive rates for every aspect of the publication but the rest is up to you.

Cathy Brown  May 2010    Testing the Water Getting set for your proretirement:a fresh approach to retirement

“I have worked with Barny Books over the past 3 years on writing and publishing two books. They have provided an excellent service in proof-reading and publishing the books so that they can be ordered from all leading book shops, including Waterstone’s and WH Smiths. I would recommend them to anyone who has always wanted to write and publish a book.”

Cathy Brown
Evolve Consulting Services Limited              May 2010

Mary Collins February 2010  Do Butterflies Bite

Thank you for the beautiful books. The evocative nature of the cover has been much remarked on, the whole presentation was really great. I am thrilled to have accomplished what I set out to do and thank you for making this possible

Mary Collins

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