The Mindful Approach to Working Life


The Mindful Approach to Working Life
by Catherine Midgley & Carroll Macey
ISBN: 978-1-906542-97-9
Price: £12.99 Post Band C

Working life is often busy and demanding; how you approach each moment of each day determines your experience at work and directly impacts the results you

•             Does your day pass by in a flurry of meetings/conversations/calls/emails/desk   •             Do you find yourself wondering what you’ve really achieved even though you’ve been incredibly
•             How much attention do you really bring to the activities you’re engaged
•             How much more effective could you be if you were less reactive and more considered in your responses?

This book has been written for people who want to be more effective, improve their wellbeing, relationships and performance at work.

Refer to it at those moments during the day when you need to press the ‘pause’ button and think about how you can do everyday activities in a different way.

The Mindful Approach to Working Life will help you learn to bring greater levels of self-awareness to your work, become more mindful of colleagues and the working environment, help you make better decisions and interact with more impact.

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