Place the Whale on its Left Hand Side


Place the Whale on its Left Hand Side by Tom Couling
ISBN: 978.1.903172.55.1
Price £5.99 Post Band C

From waterlogged deer to a monkey hell-bent on causing mayhem, a RSPCA Inspector’s life is filled with situations requiring nerves of steel, a commitment to getting the job done and, more often than not, a second change of clothes. Place the Whale on its Left Hand Side offers us an insight into the situations encountered by Tom Couling in his role as a RSPCA Inspector.

Looking back over twenty-seven years of service, Tom recounts some of the humorous, unusual and sometimes tragic situations he has come across during his time as an Inspector and Chief Inspector fighting against human cruelty towards the animal kingdom. Filled with the voice of experience and told with gentle humour, this collection of true stories is a must for anyone who believes that the fate of animals is a human concern, or indeed anyone who has ever suffered humiliation at the paws of a much-loved pet.

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