Oh Uganda may God uphold thee


Oh Uganda may God uphold thee by John Haden & John Ondoma
ISBN: 978.1.906542.46.7
Price: £12.99  Post Band: D

Winston Churchill called Uganda ‘the pearl of Africa’, yet much of the firsty fifty years of this Nation’s history has been tragic and violent. This positive story of triumph over adversity and of friendship across cultures, time and distance is also the story of Uganda’s Church and schools since 1962.

John Haden and John Ondoma have lived, worked and sought to serve God in Uganda’s remote West Nile district. Ondoma was born and has lived all his life there. Haden, through links with the Africa Inland Mission, went to West Nile as a teacher. For a time, they were both ‘loyal servants’ of the infamous President Idi Amin. They both found wives who share their Christian faith and, when the Hadens came back to England, Uganda was not forgotten. Both Johns became Headmasters and encouraged their students to share in exchanges and practical projects. They have both faced misunderstanding and violence. When Ondoma had to leave his Headship, he found a new role with the Wycliffe team in Arua and then started the Ushindi Schools, Arua, with a specifically Christian ethos.

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