Boris the Bait Digger


Boris the Bait Digger by Brian Lovelidge
ISBN: 9781906542603
Price: £6.99  Post Band B

The Muggeridge family are on holiday in August 1947 in their very basic bungalow (no mains drainage or water) on the sea front in Rye Bay at a time when strict food rationing was still in force. However, thanks to the sea fishing and foraging skills of 13-year-old Boris Muggeridge and his father, however, the family’s larder is kept well stocked with a wide range of sea food at virtually no cost.

In South East England there is a lugworm digging competition, held in Rye Bay and invariably won by one of the professionals who regularly come there to catch the worm, – sea anglers’ favourite but expensive bait. Boris develops an almost uncanny knack for catching this very elusive creature and due to his skill he becomes the youngest ever participant in the competition.

At the start of the holiday Boris befriends David Westbrook, a lad of the same age but a somewhat more refined character. Initially David knows nothing about fishing or seashore craft but learns very quickly during a number of fishing adventures with plenty of hair-raising and amusing incidents.

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