Never Not Ready


Never Not Ready by Graeme Deeley
ISBN:  978.1.906542.49.8
Price: 25.00 Postal Band: D

The History of RAF Regiment Parachute Units 1942-2012

This book covers the RAF Regiment’s involvement with Airborne Forces over the last 70 years and includes;

The Assyrian Paratroopers of the RAF Levies who served alongside the Parachute  Regiment and Commando Forces in the Middle East, Albania and Greece.

The Parachute Detachment trained by the SOE for sabotage operations in Italy and later conducted raiding and reconnaissance operations with the Special Boat Service.

The Parachute Squadron in the Far East which provided personnel to support specialist units which included a parachute operation to assist POWs held by the Japanese.

The Parachute Rescue Team in Cyprus who were despatched to look for survivors of a civilian airliner blown up by terrorists over the Mediterranean.

The Jungle Rescue Team personnel deployed in response to crashed aircraft in the Malaysian and Borneo jungles.

The defence of Salalah airfield in Oman by II Squadron who had to call in mortar fire on their own positions to repel assaults by the Adoo  insurgents.

The Squadron parachute jump into Sierra Leone which disrupted rebel operations and forced them to flee the country.

The defence of British airfields in Iraq and Afghanistan which has ensured the safety of  all  British personnel arriving in and departing these areas of operations but has resulted in fatalities for II Squadron.

The provision of close air support to 16 Air Assault Brigade units in operations against the Taliban in Helmand Province in Afghanistan.

The resurrection of the parachute deployable CBRN capability originally formed in Cyprus in 1960.

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