From Bristol to Burma, Harry, a life remembered

9781912082650From Bristol to Burma, Harry, a life remembered

by Harry Hopton and Mary Cole
ISBN: 978.1.912082.65.0
Price: £8.99 Post Band B


So many of our men fought overseas in the second World War and not all of them returned to tell the tale. This is a story through Harry’s childhood, how he became involved in some of the worst fighting of World War II and how he eventually came to terms with his experiences in the hills of Kohima and the jungles of Burma.
Harry started this memoir ‘in case someone might want to read it.’ Unfortunately, he never got to finish it but his daughter, Mary, took up the mantle in order to preserve her father’s memory and allow other family members to see a different side of Harry to the man they are related to.
Harry’s story also portrays the significant role in which the men of 387 Coy of the Royal Army Service Corps played, not only ensuring the 14th Army remained supplied throughout the Burma campaign, but in serving so valiantly as Infantry and alongside other support services to aid the allied victory over Japan.

Part of the Once Upon a Wartime Series: No 26

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