A Letter from France

A Letter from France

by Anthony G Nutkins
ISBN: 978.1.912082.66.7
Price £6.50 Post Band A

Inspired by years of studying the history World War One and numerous personal accounts, together with regular visits to the Western Front and suggestions for topics on the Great War Forum website, these poems have been written over a number of years. Essentially a personal tribute to those who served, those who cam home and sadly, those who did not cluding members of my family.


Another review in at the beginning of September:

I have been given a copy of your book of poetry “A letter from France” by my good friend, your brother Peter. I just wanted to thank you. I started reading last night and I have some way to go over the next few days to finish. I know from my own writing, how difficult it is to write about the horror of WW1. Honouring those who served, whilst maintaining that fragile, yet crucial position between mawkish voyeurism and trivialisation. Your meticulous research is clear and present throughout.
I have a lot still to read in the coming days, but in the meantime, thank you.
With best wishes,
Alison Raymond
(Ps the historical notes and also the factual detail regarding Frederick were really helpful in contextualising and providing access to your poetry).


Review (received by the author 5 August 2018):

… “and I think it’s among the best Great War poetry that I have ever read, most impressive.

The poems are very readable: straightforward, in the way that Seigfried Sasson’s often are, without employing the flowery language that many of the Great War poets used.  Wilfred Owen, for instance, wrote some truly wonderful poems, but some are hard work to read.

I think you have convincingly captured the words of the men in the trenches, despite obviously not having been there at the time yourself.  Obviously you are very well read on the subject and have the talent to convey your message.

Very well done – I am impressed.

Martin Body (a fellow student of the Great War).”

Another “review” – this one by “Gunboat” from the Great War Forum:

I’ve just finished this collection of poems and prose and I thoroughly enjoyed it and gladly recommend it to others. 

 I think Tony captures the voice of Tommy Atkins in a Kiplingesque style that is quite refreshing to those of us brought up with the war weary poetry of Owen. You get a real sense of the average soldier just getting on and making the most of it – often under a heavy pack on a footsore march.

Even those poems that touch on loss and remembrance focus on the heroism,sacrifice and sense of loss and don’t seek to portray the war as futile.

Selfishly it took me back to a happy time when a group of us used to submit work to the much missed Monthly Great War Art Thread and it was a huge pleasure to be part of a creative collective that had a shared interest in the Great War. I enjoyed Tony’s work then and I enjoy it now. 


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