Requiem for a Terrorist


Requiem for a Terrorist

by Gordon Andrews

ISBN: 978.1.906542.89.4

Price: £2.40 E Book ONLY

Kindle version for Requiem for a terrorist

On the way to a new job as an engineer in Somalia, one doesn’t really expect to get kidnapped, especially when being accompanied by one’s wife!

Although I had been trained as an agent I had never really utilised my skills in this area  but now, separated within two complexes in the middle of the desert, I was made to do major repairs to their Artisan Wells while my wife was held as hostage at the mercy of a power crazy woman. Even worse was that the whole area was under the control of a man who I had been warned about years before and told he may need to be apprehended.

It seemed that I would have to use my agents skills after all but could I do that and rescue my wife too?

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