Paint It Black


Paint It Black
by Peter Harrison
ISBN: 978.1.906542.54.2
Price: £0.77 Ebook ONLY

After a decade in Prison, triple-killer Emanuel Black is finally freed to resume a normal life. Within days of his release his ex-love – stripper and good-time girl, Melody Campion, is murdered. All fingers point to the ex-con. When the murder weapon is found the police start the search for a disgraced cop with a score to settle. They find him … dead. Then Emanuel’s thirteen year old daughter, Blanche, is kidnapped. Are the crimes related, is Emanuel Black the link between the two incidents, or is it all a bizarre coincidence?

A frantic tale of cat and mouse as innuendo and false claims lead to frayed nerves and wrong diagnosis as crooks, bent cops and Durham’s top brass are led on a merry dance.

Is the killer someone from the past holding a grudge against Emanuel Black or is it one of Melody Campion’s married ex-lovers fearful of being named and desperate for permanent closure?

Kindle version of Paint it Black

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