Johnny No Luck


Johnny No Luck
by Peter Harrison
ISBN: 978.1.906542.30.6
Price £5.99 Post Band D

When it is discovered that nineteen year old John Briggs, a married man with two young children, has seduced his thirteen-year old babysitter he is locked up for two years in a Young Offender’s Institution. His reputation forever tarnished because of the incident and, after a savage assault by a psychotic inmate, a promising career as a professional footballer is also ruined. Money, fame and fortune disappear down life’s plug-hole.

On his return to the colliery village in the North East of England, he tries to rebuild his life. Unable to return to his old job he manages to secure employment delivering coal for a local entrepreneur. His life becomes a roller-coaster when, shortly after becoming a partner in the firm, his employer has a fatal heart attack.
With a young family to support and a deepening resolve to succeed, Johny battles against his employer’s scheming ex-wife for a share of the thriving business. A mix of guile and grit allows him to outwit his adversary and become a self-employed businessman. Johnny Briggs imagines he had made it, thinks he has crawled from the gutter and made something of his life. He is euphoric, on the crest of a wave, when suddenly his life is put on hold as his past catches up with him.
Someone begins to stalk his family.
Someones wants to destroy his life.

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