Hanky Panky


Hanky Panky
by Peter Harrison
ISBN: 9781906542689
Ebook ONLY : 0.77p

Touching sixty, with little money and even less pride, Patrick, brother of the late, infamous Michael Awkwright, leads a miserable existence fetching and carrying for his grouchy, pining sister-in-law.

Fate suddenly points a Lotto finger at the old man when a bag of cocaine lands on his proverbial lap. After unsuccessfully trying to offload the haul, the notorious Turner twins, undersized psychopaths and ancient rivals of the Awkwright family, focus on Patrick as they search for their missing drugs.

In desperation, Patrick succumbs to the silver-tongued addict, Barton Robson and agrees to sell the cocaine to drug-dealers, Duane and Troy White. An argument breaks out and Patrick accidentally off-loads his ancient double-barrelled shotgun and kills both dealers.

Young Barton disappears, Patrick takes to his bed, and the Turner twins keep up their vigil.

Meanwhile, newly-released hoodlum, John Cutter, is seeking the men who killed his father; the one-eyed, machete-wielding drug-baron known as Captain Cutlass. When Barton Robson is caught by Cutter trying to steal cocaine he misinterprets the confession from the youth and heads for the Awkwright home.

Double-dealing, mayhem and murder erupt around the old man as he struggles to find a fast exit from hell and a way out of the self-inflicted maelstrom.

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