Gaston the Frog


Gaston the Frog
by Michael Little
ISBN: 978.1.906542.32.0
Price £29.95 Post Band D

This box set of Gaston and his family comprises of five books which are also sold separately:
(Post Band A for each individual book)



Gaston the chef
ISBN: 978.1.903172.63.6
Price: £5.99

The first in a quintilogy (new word!) of illustrated books chronicling the fortunes of a dynasty of frogs. The writing is laugh-out-loud humorous and the illustrations brilliant. This is a book for all young at heart readers whatever their age. Is Gaston the new Asterix?
A delightful, high quality product with colour illustrations on all its 32 pages.



The Secret Loves of Madame Gigi
ISBN: 978.1.903172.93.3
Price £5.99

The second of the series of illustrated books chronicling the fortunes of a dynasty of frogs. This one is all about Madame Gigi as she reminisces with her love letters that are hidden in a hatbox in her wardrobe, she looks back on her many admirers in her past life.




The Prison Diaries of Gaspard Renouille
ISBN: 978.1.906542.14.6
Price: £5.99

“Bad Boy makes good in this new culinary adventure from the Renouille family” Pond Life Magazine
“More mouth-watering receipes from Gaspard, the prison chef”
“Utterly disgusting and immoral” Bog Standard






Gérôme the Croissant Crusader
ISBN: 978.1.906542.01.6
Price: £5.99

Hidden in a trunk in his attic, Gaston uncovers a clue to his ancestor’s past, and finds himself launched on a new adventure of discovery.





The Frog Family Renouille
ISBN: 978.1.906542.28.3
Price: £5.99

This is the fifth book detailing the lives of the Renouille Family. This one gives you the family tree and some of the details of the fabulous lives these Frog’s have!
Beautifully and humerously illustrated by the author, this adds to the wonderful collection that Michael has built up.



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