Criminal Minds


Criminal Minds
by Peter Harrison
ISBN: 978.1.906542.72.6
Price £0.77 EBOOK ONLY

It’s midnight and security guard Shaun Wynn is having a well-earned break from his duties. On permanent nights at the local factory, the last thing he expects to hear is a distant cry for help from a frantic female. More through luck than good judgement Shaun manages to rescue the gorgeous Chantelle Pope from her attacker and is richly rewarded by a mysterious stranger for his courageous efforts.

Chantelle and her twin sister Amy Pope are habitual drug addicts and work for the notorious Thompson family. Unbeknownst to Shaun and best friend Alfie Burton, the Pope twins have been stealing from the syndicate and have been targeted for a severe beating.  Shaun’s brave act however, not only postpones any retribution but also starts a string of events that take him and his buddy on a whirlwind adventure as they inadvertently become willing mules for the drug syndicate.

When Chantelle disappears, her wily sister Amy persuades the naïve duo to highjack a consignment of cocaine, attempt to sell the drugs and split the money between them. Their plans falter when the psychopathic Thompson clan discover the theft and pursue them ……

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