William Brewster of the Pilgrim Fathers


William Brewster of the Pilgrim Fathers
by John Haden and the Pupils of the Parish Church Primary School Gainsborough
ISBN: 978.1.903172.73.5
Price: £6.99  Post Band C

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Follow the life of William Brewster, the leader of the Pilgrim Fathers, from his home in Scrooby, England, through his time at Cambridge University, his service with the English diplomat, William Davison in the Low Countries, his flight to freedom of worship in Holland, his journey to the New World with the Pilgrim Fathers on the Mayflower and his part in founding Plymouth Plantation.

This book is the fifth in the American Roots in English Soil (ARIES) Series to be written with schools. The Project helps schools and communities in the East of England to research their links with early American history. John Haden is a writer, lecturer and independent adviser to schools, and a former headteacher.

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