Gold from Norfolk


Gold from Norfolk
by The Pupils of Snettisham Primary School with John Haden
ISBN: 978.1.906542.95.5
Price: £5.99  Post Band  B

This is a book about the gold which was discovered just outside the village of Snettisham in Norfolk.

It was found in the form of torcs, gold necklaces made over 2000 years ago. They were made by the Iceni people, one of the Celtic tribes of Britain before the Roman invasion. Their queen, Boudica, wore a torc when she led her people in rebellion against the Romans and very nearly won. But there is more to the story of Gold from Norfolk and we hope that you enhjoy reading about a metal that has always been the symbol of wealth and royalty.

The Romans used six metals which they found in Brtain; gold, silver, copper, lead, tin and iron. This is the first of the books to be written with Primary Schools about each of these metals and the places in England where the metal or rocks containing it has been found.

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