Frank Whittle The Dawn of the Jet Age

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Frank Whittle The Dawn of the Jet Age
by Molly Burkett and Students of William Farr Comprehensive School
ISBN: 978.1.906542.36.8
Price: £5.00  Post Band  C

The inspiration for this book has come from the desire of a group of young people at William Farr School to celebrate the creative genius and legacy of one of the greatest aeronautical engineers of all time. Father of the ‘Jet Age’, Air Commodore Sir Frank Whittle.

Every day we watch the incredible aerobatics of the Red Arrows as they practice over our school, the RAF E-3 Sentry AWACS returning from another surveillance mission over Afghanistan and the vapour trails of innumerable commercial aircraft forming ‘diamonds in the sky’. We look and can only wonder at the extraordinary power and versatility of the technology of the jet engine and of the remarkable foresight of Whittle and his team in the realisation of their dream.

It is no understatement to state that in common with suc visionaries as Newton, Telford, Wright, Brunel, Diesel and Marconi, Sir Frank Whittle ranks equally with that elite group of inventors and innovators who have literally changed the world irreversibly and undoubtedly for the better.


Written by Paul Strong, Headmaster

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