Farewell the King CD


Farewell the King CD
by Jenny Webb
Price: £5.00  Price Band B

“That night I heard the wolves calling. Their mournful howls echoed in the cold night air from far off across the marshes. So they too knew the king was dead.”

Thus begins the opening lines of “Farewell the King”, which tells the fascinating story on CD of the funeral and ship burial of King Raedwald at Sutton Hoo. It also relates the preparation for his ship burial for his final trip to the next world and describes the treasure that was sent with him. It is narrated by former Wolsey actor, Malcolm Reid, who plays the part of the kings faithful chief councillor, Wiglaf. The accompanying booklet is based on “The World of Sutton Hoo.”


Original Price £9.99 Now Reduced to £5.00

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