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Barny Books has been going into schools now for many years.
We, or a writer, take an idea into the school and the children will then take the active role. They are divided into groups (writers, editors, illustrators, publicity etc), working with the writer to produce a book from beginning to the final end product, designing the cover and layout of the book as well as deciding on the content, along with organising a book launch and recording sales. The scheme fits in to the National Curriculum.

Celebrating Mayflower 400 with Hampshire’s Stephen Hopkins; John Haden & the ARIES Project Schools
ISBN: 978.1.912082.58.2 Published Jul 2021

Lead from Swaledale; John Haden & Pupils of Reeth and Gunnerside Schools
ISBN: 978.1.912082.72.8 Published Oct 2017

Gold from Norfolk; The Pupils of Snettisham Primary School with John Haden
ISBN: 978.1.906542.95.5 Published Dec 2016

The Wesleys of Epworth; John Haden and Pupils from Isle of Axholme Primary Schools
ISBN: 978.1.906542.02.3 Published

Bartholomew Gosnold; John Haden & Y7 Students of Woodbridge School, Suffolk
978-1-903172-90-2 Published

William Brewster of the Pilgrim Fathers; John Haden and the Pupils of the Parish Church Primary School Gainsborough
ISBN: 978.1.903172.73.5 Published

Captain Christopher Newport of Limehouse, Virginia and the East Indies; Haden & the Pupils of the Mayflower & the Holy Family Schools, Tower Hamlets
ISBN: 978-1-903172-74-2 Published Nov 2015

Mrs John Rolfe of Heacham better known as Pocahontas 2nd edition
John Haden & the Pupils of Heacham Junior School, Norfolk
ISBN: 978.1.906542.66.5 Published Apr 2014

Good to be Different: Small People with Big Lives
The Pupils of Brooke Hill Academy, Oakham and John Haden
ISBN: 978.1.906542.62.7 Published Feb 2014

Robert ‘Troublechurch’ Browne of Tolethorpe and the Separatist movement; The Pupils of Ryhall CE Primary School, Rutland and John Haden
ISBN: 978.1.906542.61.0 Published Dec 2013

Isaac Newton of Woolsthorpe Manor and The King’s School, Grantham; Year 7 Boys of the School with John Haden
ISBN: 978.1.906542.33.7 Published Dec 2010

Admiral of New England Captain John Smith and the American Dream; John Haden and the Y7 students of King Edward VI Grammar School, Louth
ISBN: 978.1.903172.58.2 Published 2013

Cptn J Smith
Captain John Smith of Willoughby and the founding of America
John Haden and the Pupils of Willoughby and Partney Schools
ISBN: 978.1.903172.46.9 Published 2013

Double Trouble; Molly Burkett
ISBN: 978.1.906542.63.4 PublishedNov 2013

Mini Sagas; the pupils of St Peter’s Catholic First School, Bromsgrove
ISBN: 9781906542597 Published Jul 2013

Dawn_of_the_ jet_age_FW
Frank Whittle The Dawn of the Jet Age
Molly Burkett and Students of William Farr Comprehensive School
ISBN: 978.1.906542.36.8 Published Apr 2011

Pirate Dad; Julian & Mark Anderson with help from the students from Donington-On-Bain Primary School
ISBN: 978.1.903172.71.1 Published Dec 2006

Farewell the King CD
Jenny Webb
Published Dec 2004


Bloody Mary and the Suffolk Martyrs
Jenny Webb with St Marys CEVA Primary School, Hadleigh
ISBN: 978.1.903172.23.0 Published Dec 2002


The World of Sutton Hoo
Jenny Webb and the children of Abbey School, Woodbridge
ISBN: 978.1.903172.17.9 PublishedDec 2001

farewell the king

Farewell the King
Jenny Webb and the children of Sandlings Primary School
ISBN: 978.1.903172.08.7 Published Dec 2000

Man of the Deep
Jenny Webb and the children of Wickham Market Primary School
ISBN: 978.0.948204.84.5 Published Dec 1999

Frank Whittle Into the Jet Age
Molly Burkett and the Students of Lutterworth Schools
ISBN: 978-1-903172-82-7 Published 1999

The Rutland Ospreys
Molly Burkett and the children of Southfield School, Oakham
ISBN: 0.948204.34.6

A Raven called Charlie
Molly Burkett and the children from Harbinger Road School in the Isle of Dogs
ISBN: 0.948204.88.5

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