The Why Series

The Why Series is written by Eric Pullin who first concocted these stories as answers for his inquisitive grand-daughter.

why_owls_are_the_wisest_birdsWhy Owls are the Wisest Birds
ISBN: 978.1.903172.95.7
Price 2.99 Post Band A

Each little book of this series, illustrated in full colour, tells a fantasy story of why something should be the way that it is – all in an amusing rhyme. This is the first book of the series and a great start to the collection!

why_there_are_wavesWhy there are Waves on the Sea
ISBN: 978.1.903172.96.4
Price 2.99 Post Band A

The second book of the WHY series, this time the story explains why there are waves on the sea. These small books are a great size for small hands to hold and will surely become firm favourites.


why_stars_come_out_at_nightWhy Stars Come Out at Night
ISBN: 978.1.906542.19.1
Price 2.99 Post Band A

This 3rd book tells of the magic associated with each one of us why the stars come out at Night.

Unfortunately we no longer have stock of this popular book.

why_animals_dont_talkWhy Animals Don’t Talk
ISBN: 978.1.906542.20.7
Price 2.99 Post Band A

The 4th book in the series where the author explains the reasons why animals don’t talk anymore.


why_zebras_have_black_and_white_stripesWhy Zebras have Black and White Stripes
ISBN: 978.1.906542.21.4
Price 2.99 Post Band A

The 5th book of the Why Series. An enchanting story of how animals got their colours!

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