All Creatures Small and Smaller


All Creatures Small and Smaller
by Lis Berreen
ISBN: 978.1.906542.31.3
Price: £5.99  Post Band

Lis Berreen is an Independent Counsellor and lives in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. She has been writing poetry since childhood but began to publish some of her poems 25 years ago.

Around that time she wrote a book of children’s poetry called “Pets Aloud” which was sold in the aid of charity. It proved so popular, a new edition was published in 2003 to raise money for St John’s Church, Bromsgrove.

Since then Lis has been in demand in local schools reading her poems to children aged 4-10. She has led several poetry workshops with teachers and classroom assistants for children as young as 6. This has helped children to appreciate and write poetry enabling some classes to produce their own book of poems.

More recently Lis has been working for her Bromsgrove Council reading “Poems in the Park” as part of their Summer Fun programnme and has been performing with their annual Street Theatre.

This book is aimed at children up to the age of 12. It contains a number of poems from Pets Aloud as well as several new poems about issues that are important to children.

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