Setting Up

Once the author has taken on board all the comments and amended their manuscript (if necessary), we can then go on to setting up, cover design, illustrations, incorporating illustrations and/or the input of colour or black and white photographs/illustrations into the book.

Setting up means that the book is put into a format that makes it ready for the printer. It can also be converted to Kindle for ebooks and we also place ebooks on the Smashwords website. Margins must be a set distance from the edge of the paper so that words/pictures won’t be cut off in the binding process. Headings are usually larger than the text and a set spacing is between the two. Whatever way it is set up it must be consistent throughout the book.

If photos/illustrations are being added, this is when they are input and checked to ensure they are in the relevant place and that they are the correct size.

PDF proofs are supplied for reading and approval (via email), prior to being sent to the printers for production.

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