Celebrating Our Centenary

Centenary Book Front CoverCelebrating our Centenary
by Christians of the Church of Uganda, Madi and West Nile Diocese
ISBN: 978.1.912082.67.4
Price: £15.00
Post Band: D


Written by both missionaries and African Christians, it tells a moving story of joy and sorrow. How the church produced some of the finest leaders, like Bishop Silvanus Wani, bravely leading the church after his predecessor, Bishop Janani Luwum, was murdered by Idi Admin, and Bishop Henry Luke Luwum, who is a world leader in today’s church, and many more.
The early missionaries followed their Lord’s great commission “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and in the Holy Spirit” (Matthew 28:19). They braved the risks of deadly disease as they travelled to an unknown world and people. They taught the people of West Nile to read the Word of God for themselves, gave then that word in their heart languages, and introduced modern medicine and agriculture to transform their lives.
Our people learned to make similar sacrifices, in offering our lives and property to reach out to others with the Gospel and to relate peacefully with each other as one people. As the Spirit of God in Christ helped the Church to grow, its leaders learned to overcome the internal conflicts which almost tore the diocese apart.
We praise God for His leading to our Centenary and pray that many will find encouragement in the story of is Church.

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