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No Doughnuts for Bonko
Molly Burkett & Phil Holland
ISBN: 0.948204.05.2
In Stock
E-Book Available!
No Doughnuts for Bonko - Ebook

Kindle Version Available!

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No Doughnuts for Bonko - Kindle Edition

Bonko is a short, fat clown. He works in the circus with the pierrots, Tilly and Tally and their ten children, five sets of identical twins. Bonkos best friend is Long John who is the longest man Bonko has ever seen, especially when he is wearing his stilts.

Bonko has a Bonko stick. You might think it is an ordinary walking stick but it has a bright green balloon on the end and Bonko tries to bonk people on the head with it. That is why he is called Bonko.

Bonko is also fond of eating doughnuts and will eat them at any time of the day - breakfast, dinner and tea! The result is that Bonko begins to look a bit like a doughnut himself! Bonko has a weight problem and that leads to all sorts of problems for the clown and his friends.

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