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April 2017

The Life and Times of a 'Tankie' from Lincolnshire in the Great War

A short history of the Tank is included in the true story of Cyril Sheldon Allen who was amongst the first to crew the new armoured mechanical fighting machine that we now know as the Tank. Cyril was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for his part of the action.


March 2017

A MIndful Approach to Working Life

A wonderful book to help you at work (and in your life) to be more Mindful in every day situations. A Must Have book!!



What Ever Happened to Lazy Lou has been reprinted and is now available.

Order your copy now!

Lazy Lou cover


September 2016

Sue Ricks is continuing with her amazing books on health and helping you to help yourself.

Her latest book: E-motion Energy in Motion, Messages of the body tells us of E-motions that we all experience. This book contains the information on how emotions, life circumstances & situations can affect out body.

When we know what can be impacting on our physical health we can do something about it. This books give short and easily assessable detail and meaning on each part of the body. A metaphysical meaning that's simple to learn, use and understand.

 cover for Emotion Energy in Motion